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About Us

Treating Each Patient Individually

Individuality is the key to the path we must take in order to maintain and protect our health and to experience the joy in our lives. However, billions of dollars are spent to reduce each person's individuality into a collective statistic, which says you are within normal limits or you are not. Health care based on insurance coverage dictates the time that medical professionals spend to evaluate a person. There is usually insufficient "covered" time available to evaluate a client as a whole person and not just a specific disease or syndrome. This is the frustration heard so often from people seeking answers to their problems as individuals. This is the problem we all face in an increasingly complex and stressful world. The issue of individuality is the primary issue addressed at Wellbridges Health Center.

Physiology-Based Medicine

Our practice boasts a nurse practitioner with more than 30 of experience in primary care medicine and psychiatry, as well as an additional 10 years of experience as an ICU nurse in several major hospitals in the Boston area, including Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital. She has always been fascinated by the diversity and complexities within each of us. As such, she has geared her practice towards medicine based on physiology, the functional basics of what makes us "tick," rather than on a disease or syndrome. She has found that people's responses, or understanding of illness and health, is more important than the facts. Their responses will determine the degree of health they achieve.

The toxicity of the world around us has become an invisible deterrent to health, secondary to a lack of education and an inability to recognize there are choices and what they are. Our practice chooses to restore function rather than maintain pathology as the focus for our patients.

Information Regarding Insurance

We do not accept insurance; however, we will provide you with billing codes if you wish to submit to your private insurer. We also do not accept Medicare, but we can order lab work through the program. If insurance deductibles are high and lab work is not covered, please know that we have discounted cash labs available to order.


About Deborah

She worked with Dr. David Perlmutter at the Perlmutter Health Center for 6 years creating her functional medicine practice and started Wellbridges Health Center.