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Deborah J. Post, MSN, ARNP is a nationally board-certified, advanced nurse practitioner with over 36 years of experience in holistic care, and she is licensed in the state of Florida with prescriptive privileges. She has worked extensively with chronic fatigue syndromes, male and female hormonal imbalances and adrenal stress disorders, women's health care, autism, ADD, depression and anxiety, insomnia, acute and chronic disease states, and other related health issues. She is also certified in environmental medicine to help clients clear up their internal and external environments so as to allow for more optimal physical wellness.

Working within an integrative medical approach and using a variety of complementary techniques, including medicinal herbology and nutritional and health education, Deborah and her patients work together to achieve maximal individual learning and approaches to health.

Deborah Post

Deborah's Story

At the age of 26, Deborah was diagnosed with lupus and arthritis. Instead of taking prescription drugs, she opted for a more holistic approach. She changed her diet, which gradually improved her health until she began experiencing no symptoms. After seeing the positive effects, she decided to embark on a career in functional medicine in order to learn more about the field and to help others like her experience relief from various diseases and conditions.

"My practice is focused on investigating, educating, treating, and supporting you and your family's needs so you can function as optimally as possible. In other words I rebuild engines for a living, your engine, and help you access the phenomenal healing abilities of a healthy body/mind."


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