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Pam Testimonial

"I felt compelled to share with you my secret weapon for good health and well-being. I come with a hefty genetic predisposition for autoimmune issues, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, Raynauds. I started early with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 27. By the age of 32 I also had fibromyalgia and GERD, didn’t sleep well and felt generally bad. Since coming under Deb’s care, giving up sugar, gluten and finding just the right supplements I no longer have arthritis, or any of the other issues that plagued me for years. I am 55 and I bike ride, hike, and do Pilates.

"These are things that I hadn’t seen in my future. Deb gave me a blueprint for a path back to health which in turn empowered me to take control of stress and other issues in my life and the life of my family. Needless to say, Deb’s care, concern and guidance has extended itself to my husband and now grown children. She has helped us navigate acne, teen migraines, depression, PMS, pre-and post-menopause issues, as well as several illnesses and diseases. Her level of dedication and her single-minded desire to ‘make our lives better’ is a wonder to behold and I hope that you too choose to walk this path with her."

Thank you!

Kelsey Testimonial

"Before I started seeing Deb, I had headaches, painful stomach aches and I suffered greatly from anxiety and stress, which tanked my immune system making my seasonal allergies worse. It was also easy for me to catch any common cold, which would usually turn into a terrible sinus infection. With Deb's help I cut out gluten and sugar from my diet. She also introduced me to natural progesterone and taught me the different roles that hormones play in the body and how that can negatively affect you if they are out of balance.

"Deb told me about specific supplements that help with anxiety and stress and after making all of these positive changes to my lifestyle I no longer get stomach aches and headaches. The number of colds/sinus infections I receive have decreased from five or six to at most once a year. But the best part is how my anxiety has lessened due to the supplements and how my immune system feels strong and healthy which in turn makes me feel good."


Parker Testimonial

"I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season. I received your care package, and appreciate that more than I can express. One visit with you was more progressive and useful than seven months with five other doctors. You are the first and only person to ever speak directly to me or care about my wellbeing. Thank you so much for all your help and support!"


David Testimonial

"Before I started seeing Deb Post I was 59 going on about 85. Everything hurt, I couldn't sleep, I was overweight and always over tired. Now I'm 60 and after a year with Deb I feel like I'm 45 and getting younger all the time. My joints stopped hurting, I lost weight and I now sleep all night."

Thank you!

"I thought I would give you a little update on me before I dart out to the gym… yes, you read that correctly – the gym! I took Deb’s sage counsel and joined a gym here in Albuquerque. I worked with a trainer to design my weight lifting program and I am diligently following the plan! When I started, there were many tasks that I could not even do! Now I’m able to complete everything and have even increased the weight load! I am feeling stronger and more fit! I cannot tell you enough how you have changed my life – literally! I continue to be gluten free and try to eat as Paleo as possible. I sometimes slip in that brown rice or sweet potato. I avoid dairy, but continue to battle with the sugar – I just crave it! Somedays, I win and some days the sugar wins… but I will continue to work towards a healthier plan. The weight is coming off – although, since working with weights, my body has changed more than the scale. I am down 3 sizes in jeans!"

Thanks again!

“I have been working with Deb Post as my nurse practitioner for many years now, 10 years or more! I have such respect for Deb’s knowledge of research and alternative options in health practices. I initially saw her for “female issues”, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog… not very sure what was going on with me, peri-menopause perhaps. Also, I have had chronic eczema so we were always looking at this skin issue to see what was going on ‘skin deep’ and beyond. I appreciated Deb’s perspective of having me look at my part in the process as well as her suggestions of supplements that could help me and hormonal support options. With blood and saliva testing certain levels could be measured and then the mental/emotional/spiritual parts of my life were factored in too.

“I often got to see some surprising revelations with Deb’s help and often came home with a combination of supplements, book, or website recommendations and some questions to ponder about how I was choosing to live my life. At one point, I opted to try another practitioner closer to my home, but ultimately did not feel comfortable or confident in them. I returned to Deb’s caring office. My confidence in Deb is reflected in how much better I feel as a whole being with all aspects of my health being listened to. I highly recommend Deb to people I meet and I always look forward to learning from her while continually being updated on the latest research finds. Working with Deb makes for a more fascinating journey to wellness.”