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Options for Radical Recovery

About Wellbridges

What To Expect

Wellbridges Health Center functions as a bridge to optimal health between conventional, pharmaceutical based medicine and integrative, functional medicine.

We will offer you solutions to problems that you didn’t know were available, to solve the health issues that often conventional medicine deem uncorrectable or does not recognize are important to you.

Our team stands ready with personalized support, education, and enhanced health care for you. When you bring records from your last several years, all medications & supplements (even those you don’t use), and the forms we send to you, we will start the process and find your options for radical recovery.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an approach to health and wellness based on individualized client care. The focus is to clarify the reason why illness and dis-ease has occurred and it is similar to what many people have experienced with naturopathic practitioners. It encompasses a multidimensional approach to treatment in response to the individual client’s needs.

Current pathological based medical care is connected with the idea that “You’re not sick yet but you have lots of potential!” and as a result, our medical system is excellent at acute care but fall short at chronic and preventive care. With the current health care model and people’s reluctance to seek care, quite often people are at 25% or less physical capacity before they are properly diagnosed.

Within the shortened time frame that most western practitioners are allocated to spend with clients, often pharmaceuticals are the quickest answer to the two questions that functional medicine practitioners ask of clients: “What Do They Need More Of?” and “What Do They Need To Get Rid Of?”

Within the functional approach it all starts with an involved history. Within our personal stories are the:

5 causes of disease with exposure – Toxins, Allergens, Infections, Stress, and Diet (or Nutrition)


7 biological systems to optimize:
  • Digestion and Nutrition (raw materials)
  • Structural Building Blocks (the infrastructure)
  • Energy Metabolism and Resources
  • Hormonal (communication)
  • Detoxification Pathways (sewage and waste management)
  • Immune and Inflammatory Pathways (protection and defense)
  • Mind-Body and Body-Mind: all cells live in community and so do we

Working individually with clients we educate and explore their diet, nutrition, as well as evaluating current food reactions. As some symptoms ease we work to fix the gut, optimize nutrient status, balance their hormones, and support better energy metabolism. At which point we can enhance detoxification, better support a healthy body and mind, and look for hidden infections.

What is Environmental Medicine?

Environmental medicine is knowledge of interactions between individuals and their environment, as these interactions are reflected in their total health. This emerging field of medicine has evolved realizing that even small micro-doses of environmental toxins, early in life, and throughout the life cycle can cause much larger issues in all living creatures. For instance Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Cancers, Infertility, Heart Disease, and Diabetes are just a few of the diseases that have links to environmental toxins.

Educating clients in the recognition, treatment and prevention of illnesses induced by exposures to biological and chemical agents encountered in air, food and water is the focus. Pesticides, genetically modified foods, heavy metal contamination, air and noise pollution, electromagnetic fields from multiple devices are all changing our immune systems ability to function and little in this country is being done to educate us and especially where children are concerned. Helping clients to remediate issues in their environment is the focus.

New Clients

New to Wellbridges? Check out our New Clients page for details on how to get started with us and what to expect.