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Options for Radical Recovery


Services & Solutions Offered

Working individually with clients we educate and explore Diet/Nutrition, Evaluating Food Reactions, Fixing the Gut, Optimizing Nutrient Status, Balancing Hormones, Supporting Energy Metabolism,  Enhancing Detoxification, Supporting Health Body and Mind, and Looking for Hidden Infections.



The integrative approaches we offer involve:

  • Wellness Programs
  • Customized Supplementation
  • Environmental Toxin Evaluation
  • Individualized detox programs
  • Food Sensitivities Testing
  • Complete Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Red and White Blood Cell Nutritional Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Avazzia Scar Release
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Massage Therapy
  • Weight Loss Solutions
  • Thyroid Optimization
  • BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Men and Women
  • ADD/ ADHD Non Pharmaceutical Treatment

Thyroid & Adrenals

The thyroid is the thermostat of the human body, regulating all cells to perform. With dysfunction there needs to be in depth testing to determine cause. Often the problems are simply not having enough raw material to function properly, heavy metals and pesticides may influence function, or autoimmune problems. We must support the thyroid while getting to the reason the autoimmune or other issues exist. A large number of people can’t convert thyroid hormone properly and need support to do so. Proper in-depth testing will tell us the cause of issues.

Gut Issues

The gut is the root of nearly all issues, as 80% of your immune system resides there, and when you irritate an organ system that is over 20 feet long end-to-end, you can be sure that if the system is running poorly, nothing else in the body will work optimally.

A very good clinical history from childhood forward can provide critical clues about the directions we take. With further testing, we look at the complete digestion cycle top to bottom, food allergy testing, and testing for leaky gut. All these things tell us what has happened to cause current issues and gives us the best solutions we can use to repair the gut.

Stress & Hormones

When we diet, we never lose the weight where we want to which is frustrating, and even more so when we can’t lose the weight at all. We do lots of exercise and eat “good” food and yet the scale stays the same. There are multiple environmental toxins such as pesticides and genetically modified (GMO) food which are obesogens (make you gain weight).

Hormones, food allergies, stress, diet, and lack of good sleep all contribute to stubborn weight issues. Calming down this “perfect storm” of issues helps the body return to a more normal metabolism allowing safer weight loss.

Emotional Regulation

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and ADD issues are all rampant today. There are many issues people don’t realize significantly contribute to our “brains on fire”, which is really what is happening. One primary issue is if the gut isn’t working well and there isn’t the ability to PRODUCE the brain chemicals to put out the fire, that needs to be fixed first. There are no pharmaceutical deficiencies in a human body, so personalized medicine doesn’t start there. There are many psychological reasons for these issues, but you need a total body approach to support you while working through them.

Autoimmune Diseases

The diagnosis of an autoimmune disease can be devastating in conventional medicine because inherent in the diagnosis by your medical professional is “you have it for life”. No cures are offered, just the medication needed to “manage the pathology”. In functional, personalized medicine, if you didn’t have the problem previously the questions are, “what went wrong, what do you have too much of, and what do you not have enough of”? Something has changed and maybe we can change it back with some investigation, lifestyle remediations, and environmental clean up. All humans have different vulnerabilities, but that doesn’t mean disease is required because parents had it. Genetics are nothing more than switches the environment turns on and off. We just need to support what your body needs to flip the switches in a positive direction.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an approach to health and wellness based on individualized client care. The focus is to clarify the reason why illness and dis-ease has occurred and it is similar to what many people have experienced with naturopathic practitioners. It encompasses a multidimensional approach to treatment in response to the individual client’s needs.

New Clients

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