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Options for Radical Recovery


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Functional Medicine?
Functional medicine is an approach to health and wellness based on individualized client care. The focus is to clarify the reason why illness and dis-ease has occurred and it is similar to what many people have experienced with naturopathic practitioners. It encompasses a multidimensional approach to treatment in response to the individual client’s needs. Read more on our “About” page.
Do you accept insurance?
We do not accept insurance, and Deb Post ARNP is not a registered Medicare Provider. She can, however, submit labs/diagnostics to Medicare vendors so they are covered. Some private insurance companies will work with you to reimburse you for visit costs. We provide a detailed Superbill with diagnosis codes to submit to your insurance company if needed.
How much is a visit with Deb Post ARNP?
Call us to review the cost of the visit we prorate visits for children and adolescents and with multiple family members coming in. We require a $150 deposit to secure your appointment time. The balance of which will be due at the time of your first visit. This fee does not include the cost of any labs, diagnostics, or supplements recommended for your treatment plan. Follow up visits range in price dependent upon the length of time of the visit.
What is included in the cost of the first visit?
Your first visit will be 2+ hours long, during which, Deb Post ARNP will speak with you extensively about your medical/physical history, current problems/issues, and your goals for your health. She will review any labs/diagnostics/supplements/ diet questions you may have, and will set up a treatment plan and make recommendations.

Read more on the New Clients page.

Will she order labs or diagnostics before my first visit?
Deb Post ARNP will not order any lab work or diagnostics before you are officially a patient of Wellbridges Health Center. After your initial New Patient Visit, Deb will make recommendations and order labs and/or diagnostics as appropriate to your treatment plan. We will then schedule a one-hour follow up visit 4 to 6 weeks after your initial appointment, and upon receipt of any lab results, to go over your results and review/modify your treatment plan as appropriate.
Can I work with Deb Post ARNP if I am a seasonal resident?
If you have already completed your new patient visit in-person with Deb Post, some follow-up visits are able to be conducted by phone as needed. The exception to this is your yearly visit to maintain active patient status, and 6-month visits required by Florida Law for patients taking using an controlled substance like testosterone for hormone replacement.

New Clients

New to Wellbridges? Check out our New Clients page for details on how to get started with us and what to expect.