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Options for Radical Recovery

Deb Post, ARNP

Deborah J. Post, ARNP

It’s my belief that our individuality is the key to the path we must take, to maintain and protect our health and to experience the joy in our lives. “ However, in the U.S. healthcare system billions of dollars are spent to reduce our individuality to a collective statistic which says you are within normal limits or you are not. Health care based on insurance coverage dictates the time that we, as medical professionals, can spend to evaluate and help clients.

My “insurance covered” time available to evaluate a client as a “whole” person and not just a specific disease or syndrome was never enough for me. Earlier in my career, I was dismissed in a conventional practice, after 9 years for not generating enough follow-ups visits for revenue, and I spent too much extra time that might have potentially solved the client’s problems at the first visit.

The idea of functional or personalized medicine was just beginning when I left that practice and attended trainings at the Institute for Functional Medicine, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and Age Management Medicine Group. It was the beginning of the personalized medicine that I visualized in my younger days.

My approach is to spend the time needed to organize ALL the pieces and history that an individual brings to me. I enjoy helping people understand why their health problems started and giving them solutions they didn’t know existed to bring about the best possible outcomes. I will use traditional and integrative medicine to create the path to the best solutions to your issues, and not just manage your pathology. More importantly, when clients become healthier, they spread this knowledge out into the community and we can create wellness that spreads exponentially

Deb is a Master Gardener and avid orchid lover, which you will see when you visit her office. She lives with her cat buddies, Jake and Mickey, in the north Naples area and has been in Florida since 2003. She grew up in the New England area and travels there often to be with family and friends. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Vermont.

She began working at Mass General Hospital in the open heart unit and worked in several of the Boston hospital ICU’s for 10 years. During this time, she entered Boston University’s Nurse Practitioner Degree program and graduated with her Master’s Degree in Science in 1984. Initially she started managing both a medical surgical unit and a psychiatric unit at Northshore Children’s Hospital. She and her husband moved to the Northshore area of Boston and then she worked in a private practice as a nurse practitioner for several years, before moving to Newport, Rhode Island. She worked for several years in a Family Planning Clinic in Massachusetts delivering women’s health care and counseling and in college health at Salve Regina University. Her next employment was with a conventional medical and emergency walk-in practice in RI for almost 10 years as a primary care nurse practitioner before coming to Florida.

She had started studying functional medicine as it was becoming available in the country with the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Advancement for Medicine groups while at the Family Medicenter in Middletown RI. She made the decision to start a Functional Medicine practice and moved to Naples and started her work with Dr. David Perlmutter’s office and had her practice with him for 6 years before starting the Wellbridges Health Center.

She lectured at Hodges University in their Adult Education for 6 years and has taught classes in many settings around the community for many years and enjoys educating people about functional options that are available to solve complex medical issues.

**** Deb Post is available to lecture and locations with dates of scheduled lectures will be available on the website.

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